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How Do I Start?

Step 1:

First, let's talk by phone or e-mail and discuss your plans. I'll give you some ideas of how to reduce your electrical needs. When I visit your place you'll hear a lot of talking on the subject of efficiency and how "big" of a system might need. We'll talk about the costs for two or three options, to give you a rough idea of the money requirements. There are also strategies to squeeze as much as possible out of the incentives offered to homeowners, which we'll explore.

Step 2:

If your interest is to proceed in putting in a solar PV or wind system, we will set up a time to visit your home / business to do a more detailed study of the installation site. We will do an energy audit and discover where your electrical needs are and how to reduce them (this will really save you money).

Homework will be assigned, and then we'll take a walk outside to look for a good location. Using a Solar Pathfinder - a sort of solar prospecting tool - we will get on your roof or find an acceptable spot in your yard. If you are installing a wind turbine, different methods and measurements will be done and may take longer.

We will then decide on which brands of equipment are best for your size of system (we'll give you a couple of size options if you wish). This visit usually takes about 1 - 2 hours, during which time we will answer as many questions as you can give us. Some of my clients have preferred to write out a list of things that they'd like to cover during this visit.

Step 3:

During the next two or three days SunAir will design, call around for good equipment prices and develop a quote (or two) on your system and send it to you by e-mail or standard postal mail. Call if you have questions or changes. We can discuss payment choices, timeframes etc.

Step 4:

Upon receipt of a down payment, the system will be ordered and the owner will be notified of the equipment arrival date (we send most of the equipment directly to your address) and we'll schedule a tentative installation date - at your convenience.

Step 5:

The solar / wind equipment will be built up, installed, wired, tested and verified to be operational to the owner's satisfaction. We like to have everyone smiling at the end of an installation. The final payment is due only when the owner is satisfied.

Step 6:

Enjoy watching the solar inverter meter or blades turning in the breeze. Welcome to the renewable energy world where we make our own power!

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