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Federal and State Incentives

We have the latest information on state incentives in Federal and State incentives – and will help you apply for these great prgorams. We also give you new information on the Federal 30% tax credit** that is available! These two incentives help to make a solar PV electric system downright affordable and adds a sensible investment to your home. There might be Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) available, which will further decrease costs of ownership.

ComEd Incentives

Illinois State Incentives

Property Tax Exemption of Renewable Energy Systems - Document on tax exemption for renewable energy systems.

Illinois Grants for Larger-Scale Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Energy Rebate Program

Illinois State Renewable Energy Incentives

Potential Illinois State SRECs

New Federal Incentives - Now, no maximum limit on 30% tax credits!

Residential Tax Credit

Business Tax Credit

Agriculture 25% Grant Program

If you are interested in information about another state, you may search the DSIRE site.


So how much can these incentives offset the initial installation cost? The examples below illustrate the savings with existing rebates and credits.

PV Roof System Examples*

  2,000 Watt Solar Array 5,000 Watt Solar Array 8,000 Watt Solar Array
Initial Cost $8,000 $17,500 $24,000
Illinois 25% Rebate - $2,000 - $4,375 - $6,000
Federal 30% Tax Credit** -$2,400 -$5,250 -$7,200
Final Cost - Minus potential future SREC's of about $120.00-$200.00/SREC. Approximately 1.5 SREC's are generated each year per 1,000 watts of solar modules installed. $3,600 $7,875 $10,800

*Examples include costs for mounting racks, wiring, grid-tie inverter, warranty services, tax, and freight. Prices used are approximate.

** Because Illinois is able to tax its rebate, you may be able to claim 25% off of the full project amount.

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